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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coupon Classes - Learn How To Be A Coupon Expert

Have you thought about attending a coupon class? Do you wish you knew the real facts about using coupons and what the stores policies really are? If so, I have some options for you.

1. You Could Host A Class At Your Home Or Any Other Location

I will provide my hostesses with a special gift. The classes will run about 2 hours. The cost is $10.00 per person, with a minimum of five people. This can be as formal or informal as you would like.

If you are a company looking to give your employees a break from the daily grind and offer them something different for an hour or two, please contact me and I can customize a class just for you.

2. You Could Attend A Public Class

I am working on securing some dates and locations for my public classes. These classes will be in and around the Houston, Texas area. For larger classes, I am willing to travel. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on possible locations, please let me know.

3. You Could Have Some Personal Tutoring

Another option is one on one tutoring. This is obviously a more expensive option, but if you are interested, I am available. Please contact me for pricing information.

Each class participant will receive a workbook, some coupons to get you started and a wealth of couponing information. I will be giving away at least one door prize at each class.

Some of the topics I will cover are:

Where to get coupons
Organizing your coupons
Grocery store deals (Randalls, Kroger and HEB)
Drug store deals (Walgreens and CVS)
Target and Walmart deals
Store coupon policies
Store price matching policies

Please email me at realcouponhw@yahoo.com if you are interested in any of these options. I look forward to teaching you the ins and outs of couponing and saving all of you lots of money.

Jackie Cirillo
Real Coupon Housewife


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