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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've been on hiatus

For the past week I have been on hiatus.  I discovered it is OK to do that, even the TV shows and talk shows go on hiatus during the year.  You see, I have been in beautiful Los Angeles, California with my step-daughter, Tara.  We took a week vacation and had an absolute blast.  Because of that, with our sightseeing and star stalking, we now call ourselves Stalkarazzi, I decided take a complete week long vacation from everything, including my blog.
As I am typing this post, I am on my flight back home to Houston, where I cannot wait to see my family.  Tomorrow, I will spend the day with my youngest daughter, Leah, who is starting Junior High School Monday.  We must get ready for her big day.  My biggest dilemma with her is, “Do I let her ride the bus to school Monday or do I take her myself?”  You see, I have always taken her and picked her up from school and this riding the bus thing will be new to both of us.  I’m sure she will do better than me.
I must also make sure that my step-daughter, Victoria, is ready for her big day Monday.  She will be a senior in High School this year.  This summer was big for her, she got her driver’s license and we bought her a truck.  So, we are also starting something new with her, since she will now be driving herself to school every day.
Next up, I am going to help my oldest daughter, Lauren and her husband Daniel, pack up their house.  They are now joining the rest of us in the “Homeowners Club”.  They have purchased a home of their own and are closing on it Monday.  Since Lauren is a school teacher and she has already started back to school, it must be packed up tomorrow.  I am so willing to help get them moved, as they are moving to the street in front of ours.  I am very excited about that.  I’m hoping we can do community meals and take turns cooking.  Hey, it sounds like a great plan to me any way.
As you can see, Monday will be full of a lot of firsts for our family. I just pray that it all goes smoothly.
Oh, I almost forgot, after tackling all of the above, I can’t wait for my husband to get home tomorrow afternoon so we can spend a little time together as well.  He has been working in the marsh this weekend, getting ready for Teal Season and with this drought we are having, it is making it very hard.  I haven’t seen him in a week and I really do miss him.

So, my patient readers, I need one more day to fulfill my Motherly duties, then, I am all yours.  Come Monday I will be blogging away, bringing you the latest and greatest deals and steals.  Helping you save money every way I can. 
Thank you for being understanding and I can’t wait to get back on track.
Jackie Cirillo

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